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Auteur : Nioussérê Kalala OMOTUNDE

Titre : Kemetic Cosmogenesis: Volume 1

Traduteur: Amon Sipa
Edition: Sankofa

ISBN : 978-1-7380446-0-3

Pages : 108

Prix : 30 $CAD

Format : 22 x 14,5 cm


Those who think that African myths are incompatible with the notion of "modernity" must absolutely read this book. More than 3000 years before the Bible, our ancestors wrote the first monotheistic Sacred Texts in vision to us, certainly veiled in mystery but totally unprecedented because it is based on scientific reflection. Thus, by reading their Texts of Revelation on the origin of life, one discovers that it emanates from a unique God and that a powerful Chaos had preceded the Order, during the formation of the Universe. Therefore, it seemed essential to them to understand how Order had succeeded in triumphing over Disorder, but also how the Creator had worked to achieve this formidable result and thus, to make life possible. Because the heart of man being the seat of a permanent conflict between Order (Maat) and Disorder (Isefet), it was necessary to lay the foundations of an immense Wisdom capable of allowing man to overcome in him Isefet. It was then that they established a Cosmo-Theological vision worthy of attention, which I invite you to discover today and of which the Initiatory Texts of imperial Africa remain brilliant testimonies..

Kemetic Cosmogenesis: Volume 1

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