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Auteur : Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde

Titre : Prayers and Hymns of our Kemetic Ancestor

Editions : Sankofa

Traducteur: Amon SIPA

N° ISBN : 978-1-7380446-0-3

Pagination : 100 pages  

Prix : 30 $CAD

Format : 22 x 14,5 cm


This fascinating book invites you to discover on the one hand our classical African humanities in the field of the historiography of religions, but also the attested precedence of ancient African spirituality. African theologians of the Pharaonic period, who were the first to reveal the existence of a unique creator, are also the authors of countless prayers and sacred hymns, conceived from the end of the 4th Millennium of the ancient African era. As many Egyptologists testify, their writings were the main sources of inspiration for the editors of extra-African religious books (Torah, Bible, Koran) which subsequently appeared. These prayers and hymns presented in this book are those of our ancestors. It’s up to you to discover them without further delay!

Prayers and Hymns of our Kemetic Ancestor

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